Tuesday, 19 February 2013

What is Dragon Treasure?

Not a shop post, just a little background story. :-)

There is a legend that dragons hoard treasure in their caves or dens and are fiercely protective of it.  One reason dragons were thought to attack was that they were simply protecting their treasure.  Well, not their treasure, really, it's unlikely it was given to them and not many dragons have paying jobs.  Let's just say once a dragon has something not many people are going to try getting it back.

But why do dragons hoard treasure?  This is where it gets fabulous.  Dragons, so it goes, are covered all over in thick, tough scales which protect them from almost anything.  All over, except their very delicate bellies.  Dragons are really both smart and playful, so they roll about in the treasure and it sticks to their belly and creates a beautiful armour.  Not only does this keep the dragon safe and make the poor thing feel less vulnerable, it also makes them more attractive to other dragons who know that covering yourself with beautiful treasure and having a well-stocked treasure cave is very intelligent.

And so I gather some human dragon treasure here, so that you can show everyone how smart you are, too.

While you're here, you might as well look around... ;-) xxx

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