Thursday, 31 January 2013

Rainbow Collection

Hi everyone!  Rainbow colour schemes have always been a favourite of mine, because why have one or two colours when you could have six, seven or even eight?
I've put together a little showcase here of my rainbow pieces.  I've arranged the items by type so you can clearly see what you are buying.
All prices are in Australian$ and include postage, because that is easier for my brain.
I hope you enjoy your time in my shop. :-)

Rainbow Fridge Magnet
This magnet is hand painted and adorned with heart-shaped gems.  The flow of paint illustrates the flow of love.  It's all very artsy.
The magnet measures 5cm x 9cm.
I have one (1) of these in stock and it is $4.50
Rustic Rainbow Doorstop

This doorstop will add a little cheer to any room!... at least any room with a door to stop.  It is hand painted and sealed to stop it getting, um, "rustic-er".
It is 16cm long (including handle), 3.5cm wide, and the wedge is 2.5cm at the highest point.  That should stop most doors in my opinion*

*not a guarantee, your door may know martial arts and this would change everything.
I only have one (1) of these in stock, because let's face it: this could not be recreated, and it is $17.50
 Hair Clips
(If you didn't know they were coming, you don't know me at all!... oh, maybe you don't)

Rainbow Daisy French Barrette Clips

White daisies set with multi-coloured diamantes.  Coins, an Aussie 5c and a US 1c show size, the French barrette clip in the bottom picture is the clip they are set on.
I have one (1) set of these delightful little sparklers in stock, and they are $4.50/pr.

Rainbow Jewel Snap Clips

These snap clips feature a sow of glistening gems forming a sparkling rainbow.
Coins show size, snap clip shown in the bottom picture is the clip they are set on.
I have only one (1) set of these dazzling beauties left in stock, and they are $4.50/pr.

Thank you for stopping by! :-D

**IMPORTANT NOTE: I have noticed some issues with the shopping cart.  If you place an order, please either leave a comment or email me with your order also.**

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